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Natalie St-Denis 


Psychotherapist (Qualifying)


Natalie St-Denis combines her knowledge and experience treating physical tissues with the emotional connection that impacts the pain experience.  She has completed her Master's in Counselling Psychology with the goal of embracing a mind and body approach to chronic pain which is supported by research.  The modalities of traditional physiotherapy are combined with education and coaching techniques aimed at connecting the body's physical expressions of pain to thoughts, emotions, and behaviours that either result from pain, increase the impact of pain, or maintain the pain.  Using the medicine wheel model, the patient achieves a greater understanding of persistent pain mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically in order to begin regaining control and to achieve meaningful goals.   

Natalie is a 2004 Magna Cum Laude graduate of the University of Ottawa and has completed her Masters in Counselling Psychology with Yorkville University.  


Her continuing education courses include:

-          Myofascial Release 1, 2, and Fascial Pelvis

-          McKenzie Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy A, B, and C

-          Certified Level 1; Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute

-          Certified Level 1 Manual Therapy

Natalie is also a pelvic physiotherapist and can treat pelvic pain and incontinence in men, women, and children.  Courses include:

-          Pelvic Health Solutions Level 1,2, and 3

-          Pregnancy and the Pelvic Floor

-          Male Pelvic Health Masterclass

-          Pediatric Pelvic Floor

Sometimes, counselling skills integration within the physiotherapy session are not enough to address the full spectrum of emotional or cognitive impact on physical pain.  In the case where the emotional and cognitive factors need to be specifically addressed, psychotherapy appointments are also available with Natalie.  Using EMDR as a foundation for mind and body healing, Natalie implements an integrative approach of CBT, DBT, Emotion Focused, ACT, and Somatic Therapy selected in partnership with the client in order to achieve meaningful goals.


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Sophie-Anne Therrien


As a physiotherapist, Sophie-Anne uses an approach that is focused on the patient, free of judgement, and helps patients empower themselves to regain their full potential. She provides one-on-one physiotherapy services both in French and English, using active treatment to provide the best quality of care. Together, you and Sophie-Anne will build an individualized plan that is realistic and motivating in order to achieve your goals.


Passionate about pelvic health, Sophie-Anne has an expertise in pelvic floor physiotherapy that can help you manage a variety of issues, such as, but not limited to, urinary incontinence, pre-natal and post-partum dysfunctions, pelvic pain, post-partum rehabilitation, preparation for birth, returning to sport/activity after baby, etc.


Don’t hesitate to call us to see if you would benefit from an initial pelvic floor assessment!


Mackenzie Peters


Mackenzie Peters is a physical therapist who recently earned her Master's degree in Physical Therapy from Queen's University in 2023. She is eagerly embarking on a fulfilling career in the field of physical therapy, driven by a strong desire to make a positive impact on people's lives by aiding them in regaining mobility and achieving their optimal physical health. She is committed to continuous education and professional growth, ensuring that she stays at the forefront of her field to provide the best possible care for her patients.

Beyond her professional aspirations, Mackenzie is an avid nature lover, a dedicated DIY enthusiast, and a proud dog mom. Her passion for physical therapy and her love for the outdoors inspire her to make a positive impact on individuals and the environment, as she aims for a fulfilling life that balances professional growth with personal exploration.

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