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The Science of Pain....

What is pain?

Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage (Definition according to IASP).


In other words, pain is an alarm.  

Research has shown that those who understand the science of pain actually experience less pain.  Below are some resources to get you started....

Educational Resources...


Professor Lorimer Moseley - Why Things Hurt

Professor Peter O'Sullivan - Making Sense of Back Pain

The Pain Truth and Nothing But

Taming the Beast (understand pain)

5 minute pain talk:

The Complexity of Pain:

Pain and Me:

Knee Pain - Thinking Outside the Joint:

Why Your Knees Crack:

David Butler on Graded Motor Imagery Part 1 (there is also a part 2 and 3 which come up after Part 1)

What is Graded Motor Imagery

David Butler explains smudging in the brain

This page has a few great videos and resources for kids and teens

En Français

Comprendre la douleur en 5 minutes

Prof Peter O'Sullivan - Douleur au dos avec sous-titres en français

Comprendre la douleur en 10 minutes

La mémoire de la douleur

Trousse à outils contre la douleur


Pain Education

Pain BC

Association Québecoise de la douleur chronique

Pain Tool Kit

NOI Group

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Meditation Apps


The Problem with an Entirely Structural Based Approach to Low Back Pain:


Explain Pain

By: Lorimer Moseley

Why Do I Hurt?

By: Adriaan Louw

Understand Pain, Live Well Again

By: Neil Pearson

My Stroke of Insight

By: Jill Bolte-Taylor

When Survivors Give Birth

By: Penny Simkin


The Connection

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